4People.org Community Impact
July 2009 Community Sign Up: 4People is providing the online Community Sign Up Sheet to coordinate requests to organizations during the holidays. With this sign up sheet organizations will be able to make sure that everyone requesting help gets the help they need.
June 2009 Non-Profits Working together to Optimize Human Services - When the Belt Just Can't Get Any Tighter - Presented by VisionLink Community OS - National Breakthrough Committee. Google Tools  Presented by Tim Hite, Resource Coordinator, Info Line/ 2-1-1- Summit, Akron, OH. Be sure to check out http:/www.bing.com the newest search engine - can put in name of place and add apartment and will pull up all apartments - great for homeless resources.
June 2009 4People online resource database vs Washington 211 online. Please download/read the two part series shown here. Part one and Part two .4People and RECA Foundation submit capacity building grant to enhance Personal Asset Building skills  for people at -risk in each county in Washington State.
April 2009 Community Asset Mapping Tests: Use these questionnaires to locate resources and services and then post them on 4People.org
January 2009 Please help 4People. We need more government, non-profit, and faith based groups that provide services to at risk families in any county in Eastern Washington to use the case management system. Any organization can sign up to use the Community Case Management system in their area for a minimal user fee. It only takes one organization coordinating services to encourage the others to be a part of their community of service.
January 2009

We need volunteers willing to help organizations that provide services such as food, clothing, rent, utilities, etc. record client information to coordinate with other agencies.  See Volunteer Case Management Job Description.

January 2009 Community Case Management in Benton and Franklin Counties has organizations from government, non-profit, and faith based organizations working together for the first time. Results show that over 6000 people were served including children, providing over 6800 referrals to other agencies and services including funding, food vouchers, car repairs, utilities and rental assistance. See Demographics and Services and Referral fact sheets.
January 2009 2008 Tour and Annual Views/Hits on Website shows an increase of views to over 342,000 and up to 60,000 in Benton and Franklin Counties only. People can find the resources they need in one site, in their area, quickly. We need volunteers to Adopt a County and find resources and update services in every county in Washington State.
December 2008 Economic Resource Directory by Senator Patty Murray placed on self help to help people with housing and economic problems.
October 2008 Reentry Partnership Guide highlights 4People on page 20 as a way to get services and resources easily available to reentry offenders. Also in the guide it recommends using local grassroots networks in order to include all resources in a community.  4People is the only online grassroots resource directory per county in the nation.
September 2008

4People can help you meet the requirements of the CoC Homeless Assistant Program (3 year grant due 9/15/2008). This includes the counties under the Balance of State (contact CTED for application) Federal Register http://edocket.access.gpo.gov/2008/E8-15664.htm ) with the following features: 4People county specific websites provide public listings of resources, services, and housing for at-risk families and individuals. This same site can provide the community outreach, promotion, and transparency of CoC information to the community. 4People Community Case Management system interfaced with the county specific resource website provides a centralized and standardized intake form. 4People Housing Registry provides a way for landlords to sign up to provide housing for at-risk families if a caseworker helps with the transition. 4People online Self Sufficiency form to evaluate effectiveness of services to increase self sufficiency. 4People reports and evaluations over time to determine effectiveness of services provided to clients and their effect on permanence of housing.

March 2008 Community Impact:  2007-  211 received 5900 calls regarding services in Benton and Franklin Counties, half of which were for phone number and addresses.  4People received 54,000 views for services during same time, and had over 2500 client records of people in Benton Franklin Counties requesting and receiving services from multiple organizations. Only a multi agency case management system can truly determine unmet needs in the community, and return on investment for funding agencies.
January 2008 People are using 4People to find the help they need in their own communities, averaging 40,000 views a month. System upgrades have implemented many new features including being able to track families and referrals or services provided to have a family become self sufficient.
June 2007 Great news, our promotional materials are working.  4People went from February 2007 with unique 71 Agencies viewed to 516 Agencies viewed in May. From 162 Total agencies viewed in February to 4962 in May. Program views from 903 in February to 6701 in May.  And total views from 1901 in February to 25,921 in May.  We now have 50 caseworkers trained in Benton and Franklin counties, and 20 in Yakima. Over 1000 homeless or potentially homeless have been identified in Benton and Franklin Counties and the numbers grow monthly.  Looking to use the 4People Case Management system that is HIPAA and HMIS compliant in your area, please contact us.
January - March 2007 4People has put together a Press Kit to send out to Radio and TV stations in Eastern Washington. Bookmarks have been made for libraries to distribute, and Mouse pads for non-profits to use when helping people find resources.  The 4People website was redesigned to include the Columbia Basin College Marketing Department's 4People Marketing Plan. Thank you Columbia Basin College.
December 2006 I visited your website twice and I definitely like it. It is simple, versatile and rich with resources. Great job! Muna A Eltom -Coordinated Assistance Network - MS Deployment Liaison. How I feel about security on 4People:  Because we are sharing files among the Kids Connect agencies, we were very thoughtful and cautious about the type of information we input.  We are not inputting social security numbers (we don't need them in Tapestry).  We discussed how we should handle information on sexually transmitted diseases if they come up, and we caution Access Specialists to keep that information out of Tapestry (it's in the client's medical records).  We do ask financial information, education status, and other demographic information.  We take the security and confidentiality very seriously.  We have not had any problems during the 10 months we have been working in Tapestry. Mary Lou Shefsky - Operations Manager - Kids Connect
December 2006 4People receives Compassion Grant to promote 4People in eastern Washington. A Marketing plan is being developed with new logos and flyers to be sent to organizations.  New users of 4People Case Management system are DSHS, Health District, and a Housing Authority. 
August 2006 4People receives grant from Verizon Foundation to implement county specific throughout Western Washington, still needing funding to implement the Tapestry system in Western Washington.
July 2006 There are 21 Agencies using the Case Management system with 36 caseworkers. Clients being served using 4People: 600 client files for homeless in Benton and Franklin Counties, 1500 client records for uninsured in Yakima, and 32 client files for faith based organizations in Benton and Franklin Counties and 70 clients from Homeless Network of Yakima.
May 2006
Successful requests: 83,497
Average successful requests per day: 2,696
4People implements the Case Management System, providing online client information sharing between organizations. The HMIS/ Comprehensive Case Management System is being used by Yakima, and Benton Franklin County Homeless committees.  The OLSA/Case Management system is being used by Yakima Health Care providers to reduce uninsured, and Faith Based organizations to maximize community coordination of services. Sharing Online Services of Benton Franklin County provides a universal application to health and social services, reducing duplications of services, and maximizing community support.
May 2005
Successful requests: 50,345
Average successful requests per day: 1,625
4People uses RECA Foundation's server to develop county specific interface to services on 4People. Each county has a quick and easy online find services, a printable quick basic services, a national hotline and website directory, and more detailed resources per county.
May 2004
Successful requests: 35,586
Average successful requests per day: 1,152
4People became a 501c3 and expanded to cover all of eastern Washington covering over 40,000 square miles. By the end of 2004 4People was serving a population of  960,338 with over 3,621 service listings. 4People had  obtained an AmeriCorps member to update services listings for all 19 counties.
May 2003
Successful requests: 60,930
Average successful requests per day: 1,967
By 2003, Benton and Franklin Counties with over 100 individuals trained to update their agency, program, and services files on 4People.org.  Yakima County United Way obtained an AmeriCorps member to train and update service listings.
May 2002
Successful requests: 95,794
Average successful requests per day: 3,109
By 2002 Yakima County was added with over 200 individuals trained to update their agency, program, and services files on 4People.org
May 2001
Successful requests: 34,617
Average successful requests per day: 1,130
From 1997-2001 Chelan and Douglas Counties trained over 400 individuals to update their agency, program and services files on 4People.org.