4People Board

Frank Glaspey, Chair. He is the past director of the Yakima Community Network providing development and administration of a computer lab to low income and youth in the community.

Marilyn Taylor ,Vice Chair. Has years of experience in database management with Banks. Marilyn provides training and reporting expertise for the 4People partners.

Bruce McComb, Treasurer. Has years of experience as Executive Director of the RECA Foundation, a non-profit organization. He runs a computer reuse and repair program for low-income families and non-profits, The Columbia Free-Net (a regional online informational resource), and web-based resources for other non-profits in South Central Washington.

Ronda Evans, Secretary and Executive Director. Has years of experience developing programs and public relations campaigns for the RECA Foundation as well as web page design and training. Ronda uses her experience as a Social Worker to implement programs in the non-profit and faith based sectors.

Lyle K'ang, Member at Large. Has years of experience in using technology to help people. Current position is Yakima County Program Manager & Technology Coordinator.